Can you tell me more about the rich history of the UMC of Mount Kisco and its building?

The history of our church and its congregation dates back to the mid-1800s. Years ago, as the congregation at New Castle Methodist Episcopal Church began to grow, a second, and eventually third building was constructed to house the newest members of the church. The third building, now the United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco, was built between 1866-1868. Largely paid for by member donations, the church bell was installed in 1868, an organ was added in 1892 (since replaced in 1954) and gorgeous stained glass windows between 1917-1919. Our historic parsonage was added to the property (on Smith Avenue) in 1921.

The initial building has been greatly expended since the 1800s: Halstead Hall, our chapel and classrooms were all added between 1938 and 1941. After renovations to the sanctuary, the church merged with the Bedford Hills church and was newly named The United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco in 1973. The steeple, then 110 years old, was replaced in 1980, just before the building’s honor of being recognized as a historic landmark in 1982.

We take great pride in preserving this historic space in its proper condition. Keeping up with repairs on the grounds and structure help to ensure a long future as rich as its rich past.

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