About the United Methodist Church

Where can I read more about the United Methodist Church, including their mission, social practices and relation to other Christian faiths?
The official website of United Methodist Church will be helpful to answer questions about the Methodist church’s general mission, beliefs and recent church activities.

The mission of the United Methodist Church is to "make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Local churches provide the most significant arena through which disciple-making occurs … So the mission of our congregation is to make disciples. This is a four-fold task….We could abbreviate our mission as one of welcoming-worshiping-nurturing-sending.”  To read more about UMC’s mission, visit the Mission and Ministry page here.

Our Social Principles explain more fully how United Methodists are called to live in the world. For information on how the Methodist church stands in terms of social, economic, political & world communities and more, visit the Church & Society page here.

What are some other helpful United Methodist resources?
The official website for the United Methodist Church is http://www.umc.org.

For additional helpful information, you may choose to browse any of the following resources:

How can I learn about becoming a member of the UMC?
Becoming a member of the United Methodist Church is a combination of professing faith in Christ and vowing to serve Christ through support of the church’s mission and ministry. It is also an act of the congregation which vows to support each member’s life and faith. These commitments are made as part of the Sunday morning worship service.

An important first step would be for you to visit us in worship on an upcoming Sunday at 10:15am. If you do visit, please be sure to introduce yourself to me. During your visit you will become more acquainted with our caring and diverse congregation, while also gaining an understanding of our values and beliefs.

The United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco

What is your mission statement?
We are the People of the United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco. A family striving to be intentional in all that we do. A welcoming place that shares the Good News. Disciples deepening our commitment to God, the world and one another.

Does your church have any educational programs or events for my children?
At the United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco, we encourage the involvement of the entire family in church-related activities. We have an active children’s program with consistent programs and projects that are appropriate, educational and safe for our children. Learn how children of all ages are an active part of our worshipping community by visiting our Children in Worship page for additional information.

Childcare is provided during our 10:15am Sunday worship services.

Sunday School for children aged 10 and under will take place during our worship service, at 10:15am. Read more about Sunday School here.

Youth Involvement: Our youth are encouraged to be active members of the church family. All children and teens are welcomed to participate in our Youth Group, cook outs, musicals and youth choir. Click here to learn more about our youth group.

Family-oriented volunteer opportunities are always available. Some popular community outreach appropriate for all ages include volunteering at our Pumpkin Patch, helping to give back to our neighbors during Faith in Action, contributing to our mission trips and participating in the annual CROP Walk. Recently we took several trips to assist in cleanup in Prattsville, NY during the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

Family events: Families can enjoy fun activities together such as church field trips to baseball games and amusement parks as well as Wednesday Night Suppers.

What are some of the annual events and outreach programs the UMC of Mt. Kisco participates in?
Faith in Action: an annual event that encourages church members to mobilize and “Be the Church”. Instead of attending the weekly worship service, members will practice their faith by serving critical needs within their community.

Pumpkin Patch: Each October, thousands of pumpkins set a striking vision against the traditional white steeples of our church. A fundraiser for the ministry and missions of the church, this has become a widely-anticipated community event.

Christmas Bazaar: The annual holiday event promises gift items for everyone on your shopping list, along with Christmas items, home-baked goods and decorated wreaths. Most highly-anticipated of all are our gift baskets, filled with donations by local businesses, and an affordable but extravagant homemade luncheon.

For upcoming events, including Flower Patch, Tag Sale, Great Pumpkin Festival, Blessing of the Animals and more, check our calendar here or sign up for our newsletter.

The church participates in mission work as well: For instance, we put together health kits and created awareness for the earthquake in Japan. We took several trips to help repair the damage of Hurricane Irene as well as collected food bucket donations to assist in the aftermath of the storm.

Where can I find information about baptisms, funerals, weddings, rentals and special events?
Please contact our church office directly for more information.

Can I donate food or my time to the Mt. Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry?
For more information about the Food Pantry, please visit their website or contact them directly at (914) 610-5817.

I would like to support the UMC of Mount Kisco. Who can I make a donation to?
Your support allows us to stay active as a vital part of our community. It also helps to keep our building, grounds and resources up-to-date and relevant, helping us to grow and thrive. Thank you!

Your donation, made payable to United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco, can be sent to:

United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco
300 Main Street
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

Are there any volunteer opportunities at your church?
Our church offers and encourages many volunteer opportunities. Opportunities on a regular basis include participating in our weekly services as lay liturgist, coffee hour host, flower donations and involvement in the music program and choir. Consistent opportunities also include food pantry distribution, and monetary offerings for community and global charities & nonprofits.

I’d like to learn more about your church. How can I find out more?
Website: We urge you to explore this FAQ page more thoroughly, as well as the rest of our website. You’ll find that it will answer many questions you may have regarding the United Methodist Church, our church in Mount Kisco, our mission and outreach, and upcoming events.

Contact us directly: Feel free to contact our office. Email us at office@mountkiscochurch.org or call during office hours (Mon-Fri from 9:15am-11:40am). Use the website’s contact form to email us through our website’s existing infrastructure.

Our weekly email letter will let you know what is coming next and what our focus is as a congregation. Each letter is accompanied by a personal note from the Pastor on what to expect in the coming weeks. You can subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter by filling out the form on the right side of this page.

Our monthly newsletter is a physical publication sent to our mailing list at the beginning of each month. These letters contain upcoming information, a letter our Pastor, and a dedicated Kids’ page. Click here to read the latest issue.

Join us on social media. As a modern, up-to-date establishment, we are active in new media and becoming an functioning part of our local and dynamic online community. Come chat with us on Twitter and Facebook!

Does your church do any mission work?
Yes! Our members pride themselves on their chartable work and assistance to others in times of need. Recent mission work has included assembling health kits and creating awareness for victims of the earthquake in Japan. When Hurricane Irene affected our community and surrounding states, we took several trips to help repair the damage in Prattsville, NY. We also collected food bucket donations to assist in the aftermath of the storm. Click here for more information.

What can I expect to observe when I attend a service at the UMC of Mount Kisco? How can I prepare for my visit?
Coming soon!

Can you tell me more about the rich history of the UMC of Mount Kisco and its building?
The history of our church and its congregation dates back to the mid-1800s. Years ago, as the congregation at New Castle Methodist Episcopal Church began to grow, a second, and eventually third building was constructed to house the newest members of the church. The third building, now the United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco, was built between 1866-1868. Largely paid for by member donations, the church bell was installed in 1868, an organ was added in 1892 (since replaced in 1954) and gorgeous stained glass windows between 1917-1919. Our historic parsonage was added to the property (on Smith Avenue) in 1921.

The initial building has been greatly expended since the 1800s: Halstead Hall, our chapel and classrooms were all added between 1938 and 1941. After renovations to the sanctuary, the church merged with the Bedford Hills church and was newly named The United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco in 1973. The steeple, then 110 years old, was replaced in 1980, just before the building’s honor of being recognized as a historic landmark in 1982.

We take great pride in preserving this historic space in its proper condition. Keeping up with repairs on the grounds and structure help to ensure a long future as rich as its rich past.

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