Children in Worship

Children are very much a part of our worshiping community.  Their presence here grows out of the Biblical tradition and Christian conviction that children are members of the church community.

We make room for our children in our worship by:

  • providing quality care for infants and children up to age 5 in our nursery room.  Our Sunday School begins at 9:15am, before our 10:15am worship service, and provides for children of all ages.
  • making sure that worship activity bulletins and story books are available for younger children at the worship service.

This website page was designed to aid parents and other members of our congregation in making room for children at worship.  Our Christian Education and Worship Committees hope you take time to acquaint yourself with its contents.

The PreSchool Child
The School-Aged Child
The Middle School and High School- Aged Person


Parents may wonder at the wisdom of including preschool children in worship.  They can be restless, distracting to those around them and embarrassing to their parents.

The preschool child comes to worship with:

  • a rather limited attention span
  • seemingly endless energy
  • a growing curiosity about everything.

While the ingredients can combine to test a parent’s patience, there are several things parents can do to make the preschooler’s experience, and their own, more relaxed and enjoyable:

+preparing the child for different parts of the worship service, explaining special events ahead of time and answering questions that need an answer right now in a quiet whisper.

+encouraging use of the children’s bulletin (available from the usher), inviting them to draw or color in these bulletins (crayons provided).

Allow the preschooler to bring a favorite stuffed animal along (no sound effects), or a book to browse when they get bored.


The school aged child (1st grade and up) brings new abilities to worship:

  • a greater capacity for listening
  • an increasing ability to read
  • the ability to organize and memorize information

Parents can help the primary child toward greater participation in worship as these capacities develop by:

+helping in the memorization of the Lord’s Prayer and Doxology

+reviewing the bulletin with the child to identify new or difficult words and previewing together those parts where the congregation responds by reading and speaking.

+inviting the child to follow the reading of the Scripture lesson in the pew Bible.

+talking about the sermon and asking the child what he or she remembered in the sermon.

+encouraging them to listen to the sermon for stories answers to questions, or important thoughts

For this age group, parts of the children’s worship activity bulletin and the regular bulletin will be more meaningful because of their newly learned ability to read.


The middle school and high school person is ready to move into more active worship:

+becoming a Lay Liturgist

+focusing on the lessons and psalm and tying in the readings with the sermon and the hymns.

+taking away one or more phrases or thoughts for the coming week

+sharing musical talents

+helping younger siblings with the order of service

+helping with ushering, greeting, taking the collection, gathering in the food pantry offers.

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